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ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, gegründet 1991.
Seine Mitglieder setzen sich aus Europäer*innen, Sudanes*innen und Südsudanes*innen unterschiedlichster Kulturen, politischer und religiöser Zugehörigkeit zusammen.

Sudan and South Sudan Forum e.V.
Is a non-profit organization, founded in 1991. Its members are Europeans, Sudanese and South Sudanese with different cultural, political and religious affiliation."

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No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come

“The world today is in a terrible state” former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan said in an interview early 2015. Only few would disagree - but the answer to who is responsible and how to change this, remains widely disputed.

April, 1987
Sudan-Partner country of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) - who knows about it?

27.-29. May, 1988
Sudan-Partner country of Lower Saxony - A topic for Adult education?

April, 1989
Civil War in Sudan, Partner Country of Lower Saxony

23.-25. March, 1990
Ethnic Diversity and the Unity of State in Sudan, Partner country of Lower Saxony - Perspectives of an ongoing conflict

19.-21. April, 1991
Resignation in the Permanent Crisis?

28. Februar - 1. March, 1992
Unity at all costs-Seperation for which price? …and who pays?

16.-18. April, 1993
Chances and possibilities of an international Sudan campaign

6.-8. Mai, 1994
Resist Violence-Steps on the way to Peace in Sudan

28.-30. Apri,l 1995
Human Rights-Women Rights: Women Initiatives for Peace in Sudan

26.-28. April, 1996
Islamism – a new danger for the Horn of Africa?

18.-20. April 1997
Building Civil Society Structures in War situations - Chances and Limits

22-24. May, 1998
Socio-political and economic changes in Sudan-Reality and Visions

30. April -2. May, 1999
Chance for Peace?

5.-7. May, 2000
Oil into the fire? Conflict escalation and oil exploitation in Sudan

4.-6. May, 2001
Ways to secure the cultural identity of Southern Sudan- The Right of Self- Determination and its implications. Only Sudan, Conference boycotted by SPLM! NCP attended

12.-14. April, 2002
Development amidst War-Peace through Development? Chances and Limits

2.-4. May, 2003
Sudan on the way to Peace! Chances and Dangers

30. April -2. May, 2004
Help! Peace ahead…approaches to implementing a peace agreement in Sudan

8.-10. April, 2005
Peace-building and particular interests: compatible aims or contradicting agendas?

12.-14. May, 2006
No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come. The struggle for Peace in the context of ongoing competition for control over resources and power in Sudan

1.-3.June, 2007
If you do not cultivate your field, you will die of hunger. Visions of transition: How to get from war to sustainable peace in Sudan?

23.-25. May, 2008
The moon moves slowly, but it crosses the town.
Visions of Transition 2: Can a fragmentation of Sudan be avoided?

12.-14. June, 2009
If you see injustice and evil and do not talk about it, you will become their victim.
Visions of Transition 3: Transformation from War to Peace or Protection of Prejudices and Privileges?

25.-27. June, 2010
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
Transformation processesfor the better or the worse? After the elections, on the way to Referenda and Popular consultations- People’s Fears and Hopes

27.-29. May, 2011
It is a fool who rejoices, if the neighbour is in trouble. (African Proverb)
Sudan in Transition 5: From Enemies to Good Neighbours? After the Referendum for South Sudan: Two new countries, new hopes and fears How best to contribute to peaceful Nation building

31.Oktober - 2.November, 2012
The opposite of well done is well intended .
Mission accomplishedmission impossible. Or the wrong mission alltogether?

14.-16. June, 2013
be the change you want to see.
Democratisation processeson track or derailed?

3.- 5. June, 2014
Crying eyes still see the road ahead clearly.
Genuine National Dialogue - The only way to lasting peace for the people of Sudan and South Sudan?

10.-12. June, 2015
Sometimes things are falling apart, so that better things can fall together.
Ongoing Conflicts and New Trauma - Learning from dismal failure, searching for new ways



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